50 Photography Content Ideas for Social Media

50 Photography Content Ideas for Social Media

50 Photography Content Ideas for Social Media

50 Photography Content Ideas for Social Media

So, you want a WOWEE BRAND?

You want to look good, sound good, feel good? 

Ready to say “YES” to your own SUCCESS?

Ready to build your own amazing brand toolbox

and do some brand makery?

Welcome, Maker, to THE place to craft your brand.

Start learning, discovering & MAKING...

Your brand. Your business.


Brand Makery is all about helping product makers  to create wowee brands for their amazing product businesses. 

With our online courses, you’ll learn all the brand makery skills you need to get your product brand out there and raise excited eyebrows! 

But enough about us (for a minute, anyway) – let’s talk about you!

You’ve landed here because you’re super-talented at making products (of some sort) and people actually buy them (or they’ve said they totally would if you were selling them)…

Whether you’ve made one sale or trillions…that’s brilliant! 
And you’re brilliant. (Congrats!)

You’d like to sell more products, right?

Because you want to really G R O W your business.

BUT… (why has there always got to be a but?)

You work very hard making your products.
So, you have very little time to focus on your brand.
Maybe you haven’t started building a brand…
…maybe you have – but it’s not what you want it to be and you don’t know how to make it better…

However, you know (deep down) that you can do this.

(You’re creative, you’re a maker – of course you can!)…

BUT… (not another one!)

  • you’ve probably never built a brand before!
  • you aren’t sure how to get a consistent visual identity (that you love)
  • you really struggle with what to write for your business and how it should sound
  • and your product photos don’t quite come out as planned…and you need to make them more on-brand

(If that all sounds more than a little familiar, then you’re in the right place.)

Question: So, where do you start building your wowee brand?

Just imagine…

Making a brand you love

Your own wowee brand!

A brand that one day is loved, worshipped and adored right across the big world wide web – from every corner of Etsy to Insta and beyond…

Or at least in the meantime…

A brand that shows-off and sells more of your amazing products because it…

  • let’s everyone know what you’re all about

  • has a consistent visual identity that appeals to your customers

  • has a brand voice that shows off your personality

  • has copy (words) that sell your products

  • has amazing on-brand product photography

  • and keeps customers coming back for more!

You’ll be one happy product business owner!

Question: So, where do you start building your wowee brand?

Brand Makery is the place to learn how to create your own consistent, wowee brand for your creative product business. 

You’ll develop your Brand Identity across 3 areas:

  • Product Photography - with Rachel, The Photo Maker

  • Brand Voice & Copywriting - with Louise, The Wordy Maker

  • Visual Branding - with Amy, The Graphics Maker

Brand Makery courses are… 

  • easy to follow – with video-based teaching and downloadable worksheets

  • self-paced – with bite-sized modules (to complete as and when you have time)

  • hands-on – with invaluable, brand-making tasks

You can purchase the whole bundle or select the skills you need – yep, it’s a Brand Makery pick ‘n’ mix (but with zero sugar!).

Are you ready to make the wowee brand you've always wanted?

If you’d like to get to know us better first, find out more here.