Let's make Christmas merry & bright!

Because everyone deserves a little merry this year!

  We're inviting you to be the Merry Makers and spread some festive cheer at our virtual


28 & 29 November 2020

It costs just £5 to take part which covers some of our time & all the resources we will create for you, including social media templates in Canva, printable resources, editable copy for emails & social media - as well as some live trainings in the group.

 PLUS, we’ll use some for advertising spend to attract more shoppers to the market! 

And as if all that is not enough, if you’ve paid your entry fee and take part, you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win the our Brand Makery course “Prepping the Heart of Your Brand” (value £49).

Where will it take place?

Two places – it's up to you whether you do both or just one.

1.  On your insta grid & stories using the #BrandMakeryMarket hashtag for people to follow & find you.

2.  In the Brand Makery Market Facebook group

Why? Well, the follow the # strategy didn’t work as well over on Facebook, so we thought this might be a good way to go! We need to build a group full of shoppers (& you makers/sellers will join as your business page)…think teaser trailers, meet the merry makers posts etc in the build up, then sell, sell, sell on the day – post your slides and videos into the group.

We’re hoping to run competitions in here – maybe an advent countdown to the market with discount code giveaways or products? (Let us know if you’d like to offer anything for this). We’ll also run some adverts to get shoppers in. But it’s as much up to you makers to email your customers and post about it and get shoppers in there too..

We know how much love and care you put into your amazing products.

And we know how much you’ve missed ‘real life’ markets.

So, we wanted to cheer you on

and help you show-off your makes

with our very own virtual

Brand Makery Market.

Brand Makery Market
Ideas, prompts, templates

But we also know you’re busy –

that’s why, we want to make it a super-easy,

super-fun experience for you. 

We’ll be giving you lots of ideas, prompts and templates

to help you make the most of it!

When is it? 

28th & 29th November 2020

Where is it? 

On your insta grid or Facebook page. (Or both!) and in our market group.

Use #brandmakerymarket

Who is it for? 

Product makers who want to raise their brand awareness and sell their products!

Want to be part of the next one?